History of DuckDuckJeep
It all started in July, 2020 in Canada. Allison Parliament, a woman who lives in Orillia, Ontario, Canada but also works in Alabama, and sports Alabama plates on her car, had just returned to her Canadian home, quarantined for the two prescribed two weeks, and had just had a negative test for COVID.
What does a duck on a Jeep mean?
This is the act of “Ducking” or placing a rubber duck on someones Jeep! This means the owner got “Ducked” and has to continue on by planting another rubber duck in someone elses Jeep. Duck Duck Jeeps mission is to help make this a seamless experience to help spread the Jeep love.
How do you play DuckDuckJeep
Duck Duck Jeeps Game Rules
1- You Need Ducks & Tags to Play! To duck another Jeep, you will need ducks & tags (see below). …
2- Next, Find a Jeep. All Jeeps are welcome to play! …
3- Put Your Tag on Your Duck! …
4- Place the Duck on the Jeep! …Congratulations, you have made someones day! …Keep it nice and friendly!

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