What is DuckDuckJeep?

History of DuckDuckJeep
It is after a stupid altercation with a stranger in Ontario (Canada) that Allison’s Parliament, Canadian but with an American license plate, that everything started. This person, traumatized by the health situation, violently invited her to return to her country even though she was already there!Shocked by this attitude, she wanted to find a way to ease tensions and spread joy. It was on July 8, 2020 that she decided to start putting rubber ducks on Jeeps for the first time!Thus, the DuckDuckJeep phenomenon was born.The first ducked Jeepers reacted very quickly in a very positive way and as we already know, the Jeep Family is not at its trial run, after the Jeep Waves and Easter Eggs, it is now also with rubber ducks that the Jeepers are even more united and demonstrate their already legendary solidarity!Since then, tens of thousands of ducks have already been dropped off to spread smiles and it’s only getting worse as new Jeepers are getting hooked every day while some have already become addicted!Welcome to the new Jeep drug!Join the DuckDuckJeepers family now and DUCK ON!
What does a duck on a Jeep mean?
This is the act of “Ducking” or placing a rubber duck on someones Jeep! This means the owner got “Ducked” and has to continue on by planting another rubber duck in someone elses Jeep. Duck Duck Jeeps mission is to help make this a seamless experience to help spread the Jeep love & smiles.
How do you play DuckDuckJeep
Duck Duck Jeeps Game Rules
1- To duck another Jeep, you will need ducks & tags (see below). …
2- Next, Find a Jeep. All Jeeps are welcome to play! …
3- Put Your Tag on Your Duck! …
4- Place the Duck on the Jeep! …
Congratulations, you have made someones day! …
Keep it nice and friendly! and remember to pin your ducks on the Ducked Jeeps Map Locator
Why should I pin my rubber ducks?
First of all, it is not mandatory! But…It can help you to know the one who ducked you and/or let the one you ducked know that you were the ducker!Moreover it allows us to make statistics that allow us to know where the ducks are.In order to respect the confidentiality, access to these information are exclusively reserved to members.Happy Pinning!Pin your Ducks nowView DuckDuckJeep Rankings







Examples of Ducking Tags

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Happy DuckDuckJeeping Jeeple!

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